Replace Existing System

Has your aged furnace seen better days? It's time to start thinking about replacing your aging furnace before it breathes its last. Instead of another traditional furnace to heat your Western Montana home, a great alternative is a geothermal product. It's a smart move compared to the inefficient fossil-fueled furnaces on the market. No combustion means, no combustible gasses and venting is needed. In addition, our units typically use the existing electrical connection you already possess to provide comfortable conditioning to your MT home.

Since most homes already have ductwork present , your home is ready to offer the comfort of geothermal heating and cooling- if not, we can easily install the required ductwork so you can experience geothermal to its fullest extent.

Consider radiant in-floor heating as an added choice. Just think of it - no more bone-chilling floors all winter long. We offer a unit that is capable of hot water heating for even more savings. Ground Source Systems, Inc. - helping you save on home conditioning costs and the environment at the same time.

Check out the savings calculator to see how much you can save by switching to a geothermal system!